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TOML Fortran 0.4.2 released

Maintenance and bugfix release to address issues found for GFortran on MacOS/ppc32 and Cray compilers. Furthermore, parsing the header of an array of tables with whitespace and the tokenization of multiline strings with escape characters was fixed.

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TOML Fortran 0.4.0 released

This release refactors the internal access of the storage structures to allow more efficient operations like deletion or renaming. Additionally, the serialization functionality has been reworked to allow writing to files, units or strings using similar interfaces.

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Jonquil: Bringing TOML blooms to JSON land

Jonquil started out of the idea to make a TOML parser speak JSON. First explored as a way to connect to the toml-test validation suite, the implementation was brief and expressive enough to be explored as a tutorial. Since the implementation was taken serious enough to enter into JSON Fortran’s benchmarks and turned out to actually be competitive with JSON Fortran, revisiting the idea of a JSON parser in TOML Fortran was warranted.

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TOML Fortran 0.3.0 released

This release comes with a new backend for the deserialization of TOML documents, making the parser more robust against unclosed inline tables and arrays. Furthermore, a context can now be captured which allows reporting messages like errors as annotations in TOML document, making both the default errors produced by the parsers more useful and also enabling users of TOML Fortran to create consistently formatted reports. Together with the refactoring of the internal representation for storing TOML values, the low-level interface to TOML values becomes more consistent and easier to use. A long-standing issue with supporting Unicode escape sequences in strings has been resolved and TOML Fortran now fully supports all TOML 1.0.0 escape sequences.

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