TOML Fortran 0.4.0 released#

This release refactors the internal access of the storage structures to allow more efficient operations like deletion or renaming. Additionally, the serialization functionality has been reworked to allow writing to files, units or strings using similar interfaces.

TOML Fortran is looking for support!

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please checkout the repository, or reach out in toml-f#62 to the current maintainer.

Full changelog#

Full commit history available at v0.3.0…v0.4.0. For release artifacts, like source distributions, checkout v0.4.0.

Library changes#

  • Refactor storage structure for tables and arrays (toml-f#)

  • Refactor serialization of TOML data (toml-f#)

  • Support nil tokens in parser (toml-f#)


  • Fix missing recursive attribute required (toml-f#)

  • Return a missing key error if value is requested without default (toml-f#)

  • Use -Werror for in CI testing (toml-f#)

Documentation updates#

  • Add recipe on Jonquil for JSON support (toml-f#109)