TOML Fortran 0.4.2 released#

Maintenance and bugfix release to address issues found for GFortran on MacOS/ppc32 and Cray compilers. Furthermore, parsing the header of an array of tables with whitespace and the tokenization of multiline strings with escape characters was fixed.

TOML Fortran is looking for support!

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please checkout the repository, or reach out in toml-f#62 to the current maintainer.

Full changelog#

Full commit history available at v0.4.0…v0.4.2. For release artifacts, like source distributions, checkout v0.4.2.


  • Don’t use ieee_arithmetic in library to support GFortran on MacOS/ppc32 (toml-f#133)

  • Remove associate construct which breaks for Cray (toml-f#137)

  • Fix for change in cmake behaviour (toml-f#139)

  • Fix flagging of whitespace in array of table header (toml-f#142)

  • Add test for multiline string with escaped quote (toml-f#146)